ILUV MobiAria Bluetooth Speaker with USB Charging Port

ILUV MobiAria Bluetooth Speaker with USB Charging Port

iLuv NFC-Enabled Bluetooth Speaker with USB Charging Port


MobiAria was meant to to be the centerpiece of your room. Its slim and elegant design houses two full range speakers and a passive radiator for enhanced bass. Bluetooth-enabled for wireless music streaming straight from your mobile device, MobiAria features easy One Touch Bluetooth setup with NFC. It also takes advantage of voice prompts to make Bluetooth pairing even easier. This premium speaker even boasts backlit touch-sensitive buttons that impart a modern look and feel and is capable of charging your mobile device via a USB port.

  • Play music wirelessly via Bluetooth
  • Easy One Touch NFC pairing - no need to change your settings manually
  • Top-mounted, backlit touch controls
  • Voice prompt for ease of use
  • Built-in USB port to charge your mobile device


Scintillating Sound with jAura Sound Technology

Hear music like you've never heard it before. MobiAria uses jAura Technology, an advance in sound technology that delivers music with exceptional clarity and balance, so you can appreciate sound at its best. You can expect phenomenal, full 3D sound from each finely tuned component of this speaker.

Stream Music in a Second with One Touch Bluetooth Pairing

Set the mood from anywhere in the room using Bluetooth technology to stream music straight from your phone. With a Bluetooth connection, changing the track or playing your favorite song has never been easier. NFC technology makes pairing via Bluetooth a simple process. Just touch your NFC-enabled mobile device to MobiAria to connect the two devices together.

Go Mod with Touch-Sensitive Controls

MobiAria features conveniently located controls along the top of the device. These touch sensitive controls are backlit and contribute to this speaker's stylish aesthetic. It's a modern accent that perfectly complements your modern lifestyle.

Power your Phone with the Built-in Charging Port

MobiAria isn't just a beautifully designed and equipped speaker; it's also a charger. Simply plug your own USB charging cable into the built-in port and connect it to your mobile device. It's as easy as that.

Stay Tuned with a Voice Prompt

With the addition of voice prompts, pairing MobiAria to your mobile device is especially simple. MobiAria's voice prompt will indicate when the unit is ready to be paired and when it has successfully paired to your mobile device.

Dimensions: 21.6 x 46.2 x 22.6 cm  

Weight: 2.1 Kg


Warranty: 60 Days





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