SecurLink 100FT. Siamese Cable for CCTV

SecurLink 100FT. Siamese Cable for CCTV

This unique Siamese RG59 BNC / CCTV Power Cable is designed for security cameras; a single Siamese cable solution to providing Power to the Camera, and sending Video back to your CCTV Controller.

The Power Cable on this Siamese Cable sends electrical power (AC/DC depending on your Security System and Camera) to power a CCTV Security Camera.

The RG59 half of this Siamese Cable is traditional Coaxial Cable with BNC ends pre-installed. It sends the video signal from the Surveillance Camera back to your security system.


  • Cable Type:    Siamese RG59 Coaxial / Power Cable for CCTV Cameras
  • Cable Color:    Black
  • Impedance:     RG59: 75 ohm Standard       
  • Cable Length:  100 feet




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